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Do you ever wonder why you just are not feeling great?

Did you ever think food might be the culprit?  It has been shown that 45% of the population suffer from food intolerances.  Elimination diets have actually been around since 1926, introduced by Dr. Joseph Rowe, and are still considered to be the gold standard and that is because they work. But the biggest challenge is actually identifying the foods that are the culprit and this can take a lot of trial and error.  Food intolerance reactions are delayed, possibly up to 3 or 4 days, making it difficult to connect the dots.  Or identifying the hidden ingredients in food, for example, the onion in spaghetti sauce or almonds in cookies

Eliminate the guess work.   If you experience any of the symptoms listed on our website, and have ruled out a possible medical condition, Food Intolerance testing is a good next step.  There have been several recent studies that have shown an improvement in symptoms based on an IgG food elimination diet.    One study showed a clinically significant improvement in IBS symptoms; another study, 75% of the individuals that followed the recommendations of a Food IgG test, found an improvement in their symptoms; a study on migraines, 65% reported a complete remission of their migraines. Another study suggested that overweight or obese people that followed a food elimination diet based on Food IgG testing, were able to lose 1 – 2 pounds per week and nearly 3 inches from their waistline.

To find out the foods that may be triggering your symptoms, take the Health Food Intolerance test.  You will receive a personalized report plus a guide on how to interpret the results.  We also recommend you work with a Health Care Practitioner to best plan your diet to maintain proper nutrition through the process.


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