agar agar

18 Aug

What is Agar Agar

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Agar agar is a vegetarian substitute to gelatin and is used in a long list of products, such as pie fillings, meringues, sherbets, cream cheeses, canned and cured meats, sauces, noodles, baked products, yogurts, cakes, ice creams, puddings, jelly candies, desserts. It can be used as a thickener in soups and as a clarifying agent […]

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Understanding Food

24 Oct

Understanding Food Intolerances

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Understanding Food Intolerances The digestive system is part of the immune system and is one of the first lines of defense to eliminate bacteria or a foreign substance that enters the body. The immune system produces antibodies whose main function is to attach to the foreign substance and attract scavenger cells called mast cells, which […]

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